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North America, Eastern Time Zone
Primary games

DocGotGame is a variety MMO streamer on Twitch, prioritizing high energy and interaction with his chat.

Twitch channel[edit | edit source]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Docgotgame is a high energy, humorous, entertaining MMO variety streamer.

From Doc's Twitch page:

Hello and welcome to what I hope will be your one stop shop for MMORPG gameplay, opinions, and discussion. Im Docgotgame aka Steve and my Twitch name comes from being a former medic in the US Army! I play and enjoy a wide variety of MMORPG's on stream (I try to avoid pigeonholing myself into one as much as possible) and consider myself somewhat of an authority on them these days.
I absolutely RELISH open world/large scale pvp and look for it in all the games I play. If you have any questions regarding what is on the screen, MMORPGs in general or anything else feel free to ask. I am very interactive and enjoy the discussions!
As a streamer Twitch Entertainer my focus leans more towards entertaining and interacting with you rather then the game on my screen, however I do my best to provide informative gameplay when I am not getting my ass kicked. I am :loud, to the point, and sometimes obnoxious, however I have a big heart and love giving back to my amazing community so sit back, grab a cold one and prepare for a VERY entertaining time here, I wont let ya down!

Streaming schedule[edit | edit source]

Doc generally streams 6 days a week, 11 AM to 8 PM Sunday to Wednesday and again Friday and Saturday (he's normally off Thursdays for school). Sundays are generally spent playing games with his subscribers. His proper schedule is available at DocGotGame's Teamup Page

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