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Real Name
Tyler Hart
Ohio, US
Primary Games
Path of Exile
Streaming Since
October 2, 2011

Etup is a partnered livestreamer on Twitch from Canal Fulton, Ohio. He is a well-known Path of Exile streamer. He is known for reaching world's 1st level 100 in seasonal Path of Exile leagues for multiple times.

Etup is friends with HotshotGG and is a sponsored member of CLG. He has been washed up streamer since, he now streams PoE only 1–2 weeks max after launch of new league and as soon as he achieves the viewer spoon-fed Headhunter he quits the league and grinds Black Desert Online for next 3 months. It is not known yet if HotshotGG actually pays Etup in money or sponsors only in CLG t-shirts and chairs.

Set the world record for longest twitch stream at 94 hours while playing Civ 6.

Other[edit | edit source]

Since glory days are gone, Etup has become a casual streamer with 100 viewers average that dropped from 1000 viewers after quitting Path of Exile full-time streams. Now, mostly he streams Black Desert Online, Warhammer Total War, Slime Rancher, Showering with Dad, Rimworld, Battlerite or any new upcoming one-time AAA+ titles including mobile games like Lineage 2 Revolution.

Most recently he's been pushing Civ6 for a while with the tasty mumble bros: Odang, Burbs, Bobslop, Hotshot and Nihilism.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Etup usually plays big boy fat marauder and prefers melee.
  • Back in Nemesis at level 98 Etup fell asleep live on stream and died to King Crab and it has became a meme since.
  • Etup has a cat, he's a mascot.
  • Etup is best friends with Boblsop, best Path of Exile streamer from Quebec, Canada.
  • Etup tolerates the Gachi community and its lifestyle.
  • Once on a stream Etup claimed and honestly believed that Russia and Australia were next to each other on the map.