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Real Name
Philipp Kessler
Primary Games
Rocket League, World of Warships, PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS
Streaming Since
August 17th 2017

Gess79 is a Twitch streamer from Switzerland broadcasting a variety of games. His main games are Rocket League and World of Warships. Apart from these main games he's also into other genres like FPS, racing games, strategy games and RPGs. Some games that greatly influenced him were the Command & Conquer series, Freelancer, Eve Online, Lord of the Rings Online, iRacing, Rocket League, World of Warships and PUBG. His streams are about interactivity, positivity, making friends, having fun and a good laugh. His nickname is pronounced like "guess". Gess also has a passion for music and produces his own electronic music which can be listened to at Moreover he is fond of model railroads, likes NHL (Montreal Canadiens fan), IndyCar and Snooker.

Twitch channel[edit | edit source]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Gess was born in Switzerland as the younger of two children. He discovered his love for music very early and began taking piano lessons at the age of 7. During the 80s he first got in touch with videogames, namely Pong as his first ever game. His first computer was a C64 where he really got into gaming and grew a passion for it. Apart from owning a few Nintendo consoles Gess has been a PC gamer all the way. As a teenager, Gess used to go to lan parties mainly playing Quake II and Quake 3 Arena at the time. In 2003 Gess played his first MMO: EVE Online. Space has always fascinated him and this game was literally a dream come true for him. He played the game for a solid 10 years and even went to visit the developers HQ (CCP Games) in Reykjavik. Gess is also an early backer for Chris Roberts' Star Citizen.

In 1999 Gess met his soul mate and later wife. They've been married since 2013 and are parents to two wonderful daughters.

Streaming schedule[edit | edit source]

Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday
21:00 CET / 3:00 PM Eastern / Noon Pacific

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His favorite food is fajitas made by his lovely wife
  • He's well known to be drinking cans of coke during his stream but he's not even sponsored by Coca Cola.