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realPhali, usually known as Phali is a content creator on YouTube, previously active on Twitch. He originally streamed from 2015-17, and returned to streaming in early 2019, later becoming a Twitch Affiliate in March 2019. In mid-2020, Phali left Twitch and the Affiliate program, which he later attributed to "being tired of Twitch not taking their creators and audience seriously." Since June 2020, he has been streaming and producing videos on YouTube, primarily the Shamblecraft series of Minecraft videos.

While he originally streamed Garry's Mod and first-person shooters, his stream have since 2019 been almost exclusively Minecraft. During one of his streams, he attributed this to wanting to be more family friendly now that he has children.

Biography[edit | edit source]

He was born in April 1990 in Norway, and originally began streaming under the name DuffHimself in 2015 after requests from friends. During a Q&A session in his Eurovision 2019 Podcast streams, he stated that he became the designated streamer in his group of friends because he "had the best internet and the only computer capable of streaming at decent quality". He stopped streaming in 2017 to focus on the upcoming birth of his son and other real-life commitments.

In February 2019, he returned to Twitch, with his channel rebranded realPhali - based on his in-game name Phali. In one of his first streams, he said he rebranded his channel because he wanted it to be a fresh start, and that he wanted to separate his newer streams and videos from his older, less-family-friendly content. In March 2019, Phali confirmed that he had become a Twitch Affiliate. On March 25, he surpassed 100 followers during his evening stream, and in October the same year he reached 200. In April 2020, Phali reached 300 followers and 50 subscribers on Twitch, just a few weeks before he announced his departure from the platform. Since June 2020, he has been streaming and producing content on YouTube.

Minecraft server[edit | edit source]

Phali streams and creates videos on the Shamblecraft server, of which he is the owner, launched on November 30, 2019. Prior to this he usually streamed from the LPMT SMP Server, owned by Xisumavoid, but March 2019, he announced he would take a break from LPMT to focus on getting the Buttscraft server off to a good start, and due to time constraints.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He is the oldest of three brothers.
  • His father used to drive an ambulance, but is now retired.
  • He has worked as a high school teacher since 2012, teaching History, Norwegian and English.
  • He is married and has one son, born in 2017.
  • He suffers from social anxiety, which he was diagnosed with as an adult.
  • He has several times stated on-stream that his favorite artist is Pink Floyd, and that is favorite movies are "The Godfather" and "The Boondock Saints".
  • After being pranked (rickrolled) on stream by a fellow LPMT member, he revealed he actually had a signed photo of Rick Astley on the wall above his stereo. He later confirmed this with photos posted on the LPMT Discord server.
  • Because of his prominent British accent, many viewers have wrongly assumed he is from the UK. During a March 2019 stream, he stated that people from Britain often assumed he was from "a posh family in South England", and also revealed then when speaking with an American accent while visiting the US in 2015, people thought he was from Minnesota.