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RichRad Profile Photo 2018.jpg
Primary games
Overwatch, World of Warcraft
Streaming since

"RichRad" is an American Overwatch caster, analyst, and streamer.

History[edit | edit source]

Twitch Channel[edit | edit source]

RichRad's unique flavor of Twitch streaming involves a combination of Quickplay gameplay and Live Commentating. This means that viewers of his stream will not only be watching as he plays Overwatch, but as he simultaneously monitors kill feeds, respawn cameras, and player positioning to provide a full casting experience to both his audience and his teammates. A staple of his community and channel is the ability for active viewers to participate in matches on-stream and have their gameplay casted live through the in-game voice chat.

Schedule[edit | edit source]

RichRad Streams 3 days per week:

Day Start - End Timezone
Monday 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM Central (GMT-6)
Thursday 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM Central (GMT-6)
Friday 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM Central (GMT-6)

Radcoins[edit | edit source]

Radcoins are a channel-specific currency, which is earned by community members by simply watching the stream. Radcoins can be redeemed for things like group matches with RichRad and other community members, character-commentating, and forcing RichRad to play specific characters in-game.

Radcoin Generation[edit | edit source]
  • Basic Viewer = 10 Radcoins/10 minutes
  • Sub Bonus Viewer = +10 Radcoins/10 minutes (20 Radcoins earned per 10 minutes total)
  • Donation Bonus = 50 Radcoins Per $1
  • Initial Follow = 100 Radcoins
  • Sub/Renewal = 400 Radcoins
Radcoin Redemption[edit | edit source]
Command Cost Description
!Heroselect 1000 RadCoins RichRad must play the character of your choosing!
!Fanmatch 1000 RadCoins Hop in for a game and some personal, live commentating with RichRad and feel like a pro!
!Giftmatch 1000 RadCoins Show a friend what it feels like to be a pro (even if they don't play like one)!
!Stewcasting 2000 RadCoins Sit back and enjoy the Stewie Griffin Casting!
!Surfcasting 2000 RadCoins Sit back brah and enjoy the totally tubular Casting, my main man! Righteous!

Fan Nights[edit | edit source]

The final Friday of each month is "Fan Night", where community members can sign up and the entire stream is devoted to rotating through the community members and live-casting gameplay, without requiring the redemption of Radcoins.

Collaborations[edit | edit source]

In the early days of the stream, RichRad was fortunate to do an early collaboration with TheRealKenzo where they showcased TheRealKenzo's raw Hanzo gameplay, with RichRad casting the match over top.

Casted Tournaments[edit | edit source]

Date Tier Tournament Position
2019-01-27 Minor Open Division 2019 Season 1 - North America Commentator
2018-11-19 Major Overwatch Contenders 2018 Season 3: South America Commentator
2018-11-17 Major Overwatch Contenders 2018 Season 3: China Commentator
2018-09-30 Minor Open Division 2018 Season 3 - Europe Commentator
2018-09-23 Minor Open Division 2018 Season 3 - North America Commentator
2018-06-17° Misc Reforged Community Invitational 2018 Commentator
2018-06-16° Misc High School E-Sports League Commentator
2018-02-10° Misc After Hours Gaming League Commentator

°Need Verification of Dates

Publications[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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