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ShannonZKiller Profile Image.jpeg
Real Name
Shannon Plante

ShannonZKiller is a partnered livestreamer on Twitch. She was previously both an Admin and a Community Manager of Education at Twitch.

Twitch Channel[edit | edit source]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Hey peeps! My name is Shannon, and I am a Canadian (originally from BC) living in England. I've been told I sometimes say "aboot," my favourite drink is Root Beer, and yes, I've eaten bear. My favourite games of all time: both Portals, all Fallouts, Ark, FTL, Project Zomboid, and Don't Starve.

I am the Community Manager of Education at Twitch, meaning I develop ways to ensure all users of the site, from broadcasters big and small to achieve success and for their moderators, developers, and passionate viewers to have all the information and tools they need for the best Twitch experience possible! This also means I rarely get the time to broadcast anymore, but I tweet whenever I do so follow me there! I find the appeal of live-streaming is that it combines gaming with social interaction and leaves the balance between the two to be decided by the streamer! This means that at times this stream is just me just talking with you guys about games, gaming news, updates on my life, and random silly banter. I also derp a LOT. So backseat gaming is welcome (just keep dem spoilers about a story to yourself k?)!

Streaming Schedule[edit | edit source]


PC Specs/Hardware[edit | edit source]

Current PC Specs as of April 2016.

PC -[edit | edit source]
  • CPU: Intel Core i7 4770k 3.5 GHz
  • CPU Cooling: Intel H75 Liquid
  • MOBO: Z87 Asus Rock Mobo
  • GPU: TitanX
  • RAM: 16GB Black Corsair Vengeance
  • SSD: Samsung 256GB SSD
  • HDD: 2x WD Caviar Blue 1TB 64mb cache
  • PSU: XFX Pro 750W semi-modular
  • Case: White Cooler Master Stryker
Peripherals -[edit | edit source]
  • Monitor: 2x White BenQ RL2450HTW 24" and one White Samsung S27E391HL 27"
  • Keyboard: White simple Mac kb (for silence for Chris' streams)
  • Mouse: White Corsair m65
  • Headset: Pink Astro A40s 2014ed. (I don't use the mixamp)
  • Webcam: Logitech HD Pro C920

Questions[edit | edit source]


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Shannon previously worked as a PR Community Rep for 'Survivor GameZ' (a livestreamer DayZ tournament).

References[edit | edit source]