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Real Name
Primary Games
Minecraft, Fable franchise, American McGee's Alice, Sims, Garry's Mod
Streaming Since
June, 2013

Starrlett is a non-partnered livesteamer on Twitch

Twitch Channel[edit | edit source]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Penny Kate Starr(lett) was originally born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, but now lives close to Cambridge, England. Starrlett is a long-standing member of a number of communities, particularly the Mindcrack community (member of the now dissolved Fan Server, moderator and friend to a few), the Godiva Gaming community (a group of female gamers including MKTheWorst, Aureylian, and MaddiieManeater), and the Kapslock Fundraising Group (charity fundraising events such as BnB and 2spooky4thon). She is often known (and teased) for being short, standing at 5'1".

She has been content creating since 2009, with the hopes of going into Film Post-Production, and currently studies Film, Drama, and English at the University of Manchester. Her streams lean more towards PG-13, for language and adult humour, and she has expressed the most interest in playing storyline-driven games, such as the Fable Franchise. Her streams are often solo commentary, as she prefers singleplayer games to multiplayer, but in the past, she has collaborated with streamers such as Oddmast, GreatScottLP, and w92Baj.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Starrlett is a Twitch moderator for over a dozen people, including Millbee, w92Baj, PauseUnpause, VanRyderLP, and FalseSymmetry.
  • Her very first stream crashed just 30 minutes in, due to her internet dropping out.
  • In past streams, she has brought IRL friends in to play, played drinking games, and dyed her hair (the latter of which results in her facial appearance being likened to BlameTheController.
  • She has her own bot, developed by Tititesouris, called OsberBot. The bot got her name after Starrlett, intoxicated, typed 'osber' instead of sober into Oddmast's chat.
  • She is the co-founder of fundraising group Kapslock Gaming, who have raised over £5,000 for charity across multiple events.
  • Her online persona wears blue and white striped pyjamas, commonly mistaken for prisonwear.