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Tsm theoddone

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Tsm theoddone
Tsm theoddone.png
Real Name
Brian Wyllie
Primary Games
League of Legends

Tsm theoddone is an Ex Pro League of Legends Player and full-time daily streamer on Twitch.

Twitch Channel[edit | edit source]

Biography[edit | edit source]

TheOddOne has played video games for most of his life. He used to play on the Sega Genesis then moved from console to PC playing Starcraft, Warcraft 3, and Phantasy Star Online until he moved onto League of Legends. Other games he enjoys include the Mass Effect series, Left 4 Dead 2, Plants vs Zombies, Toejam and Earl, as well as recently a large amount of Sid Meier's Civilization 5. He started his League of Legends career with Haters Make Us Famous before moving on to Team Solo Mid as their designated jungler. He is from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Throughout Season 1 he was regarded as one of the best junglers in the game.

In late April-early May 2014, TheOddOne released information stating that he will be stepping down from the jungle position in TSM, and was replaced by Copenhagen Wolves' jungler, Maurice ""Amazing"" Stückenschneider.

Departure from TSM[edit | edit source]

The following statement retrieved from TheOddOne's Facebook Post regarding his departure

So I said I'd post more about today, here goes: About 3 years ago when Regi wanted to start a gaming house after hearing the Season 2 prizepool (it was after we got 2nd at a IEM Cologne event) because it'd greatly increase our chances of winning events and tournaments. I eventually agreed, from that point on the standard of TSM being one of the best if not the best in NA would be adopted so we could compete with future international teams. I also agree with that standard and I'm happy to of been part of a team that has stayed top 3 in NA for years.

However that said, with our roster being so stacked so heavily with talent, I felt I had to step up in order to not let the team down. Unfortunately for the 2nd split in a row we've ended up 2nd place in the playoffs to C9 but unlike last year where the top three got to go to a tournament, only one team goes to Allstars this year. It's been a long time since TSM has failed to make a tournament they've attempted to qualify for and thus losing the playoffs this time was pretty big as we lost our shot to face international teams.

I believe TSM has a shot of doing well at worlds this year and maybe even a chance to win it but I don't think the chances of those scenarios are high at all if I remain as a player. This past split has had more talent than ever and I wasn't able to improve as fast as some of my opponents and if I can't do that then our chances on the world stage would be insanely low. I decided that we'd have a much better chance of winning if I were in a more supportive role such as a coach and if we had someone even better jungling. Considering how stacked our team is, I feel like it'd be a disservice to not do everything I could to help our team win as I've had a good run already and it'd be great if this new TSM roster could do the same.

On a personal note: There is no doubt in my mind when I say this: Joining TSM was the greatest thing to ever happen to me. I was able to play a game I enjoyed playing for a living and I was able to meet all these new friends and experience the world. All these fans who I make smile or laugh wouldn't of experienced this had I not taken the offer to join TSM. I'm grateful for being allowed into all your lives and being able to entertain you all while making you proud by winning. Unfortunately to all those that believed I could win worlds, I let you guys down. I will do my best to support TSM towards winning that but in a coach position rather than a player. Thanks for all the messages and support!

PS: I'm not dead damnit, I'll still be around streaming and at the gaming house while doing content so don't act like I'm gone forever

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Known for his Annie in his early League career.
  • Popularized counterjungling through his Nunu play.
  • His favorite champion is Maokai.[1]
  • Known for making Maokai jungle popular.
  • Famously ate only microwave food and drank significant amounts of soda before adjusting his eating habits for better health.
  • Is half Chinese and half Scottish.
  • His mom is from Hong Kong and his dad from Scotland.
  • Has stated that he has a strong dislike for Yordles, especially Kennen.[2]
  • Known for his dislike of the champion Ezreal.
  • Builds Tank on every single jungler he plays.
  • Frequently referred to as "General" OddOne by stream viewers, based on a rivalry with ex-Falafel Gaming jungler, "Master Tactician" Azingy.
  • When streaming, he wears a Teemo hat if anyone in the game is currently using Teemo and plays the Ghostbusters Theme if he is using the Haunting Nocturne skin.
  • The first Champion TheOddOne played was Alistar.
  • While streaming, he enjoys playing Karma and Ziggs if he doesn't get to Jungle in Solo Queue.
  • Is the older brother of FromMapleStreet, who is the AD carry for Renegades.
  • Known for his quick reactions to in-game scenarios.
  • Also referred as "TheWashOne" after losing a 1v1 tournament between TSM housemates in which the loser was forced to wash the dishes.
  • One of five players to have qualified for first 3 World Championships, along with Dyrus, Reginald, Xpecial and, YellOwStaR.
  • Often trashtalks other players in his match in a non-toxic way.
  • Occasionally refers to himself as "Captain Block".
  • Intensely dislikes Gangplank's ult.
  • Known for making Darude - Sandstorm a popular meme.[3]
  • One of nine players who have qualified for 3 World Championships, along with XPeke, SOAZ, Nyph, Cyanide, Xpecial, Candy Panda, Reginald and Watch
  • Likes to play turn based games or newly released games after done with League on his stream.

References[edit | edit source]