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Real Name
Stephen Miller
Columbia, MD, USA
Primary Games
Mainly PUBG and Destiny 2.
Streaming Since

Twitch Channel[edit | edit source]

Biography[edit | edit source]

My name is Stephen Miller, I am a very passionate Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Enthusiast. Have been training full time since 2011 winning multiple tournaments. Most of my matches have been placed on my YouTube page. In my down time, I love gaming and entertaining/meeting everyone. Been playing competitive FPS's since Halo 2, but just enjoy all types of games. Just recently switched the gaming on the PC and haven't looked back. Ask any other questions in the stream and Ill be more than happy to answer.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Favorite Game?

H1Z1 & CSGO. Use to play on the console where Halo and Destiny was life but PC stole my heart.

  • Xbox or Playstation?

Xbox. I feel Playstation is more of a system to play sports games on; whereas first person shooters feel more comfortable on Xbox (in my opinion). But now it's all about the PC.

  • Where are you from?

Columbia, Maryland. Wish I lived out in Cali or Florida...I hate the cold.

  • I am a fan of your stream, but I don’t have the money to donate right now. How else can I support the stream?

I don't beg for donations, so some great ways for supporting the stream is to just come watch, hang out, and honestly talk in the chat to help not only entertain yourself but others as well. & Don't forget to follow and share the stream with your friends if you like it!

  • Favorite gaming series?

My favorite gaming series is the Elder Scrolls. I first played Morrowind III on the original Xbox when I broke my ankle. It immediately became a favorite and I have loved every one of their games since.